Nateland | Ep #32 – New York ft. Yannis Pappas

This episode, we continue our look at all 50 states by exploring the state of New York. To help us understand the¬†Empire State, we’re joined by Nate’s long time friend and lifelong New Yorker, comedian Yannis Pappas (@Yannispappascomedian @HistoryHyenas).¬†

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0:32 – Today’s guest: Yannis Pappas
4:03 – Comment roundup
23:00 – Nate and Yannis’ history
30:33 – Early days in New York
41:47 – New York cursing and real estate
51:50 – What is the rest of New York like?
52:52 – New York facts
1:02:30 – John Candy
1:04:35 – Summer camp
1:07:38 – New York in the 1980s
1:14:35 – The Mafia and the Boroughs
1:24:25 – Yannis’ viral success
1:32:47 – More New York facts
1:41:19 – New York natives

Guest: Yannis Pappas (
Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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