Nateland | Ep #28 – Calendars

This episode, we go in-depth on a controversial topic most podcasts are afraid to tackle – the history of calendars. We look at previous calendars throughout history, proposed calendars of the future, and what we would change about our calendar of today. 

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3:04 – Comment Roundup
29:37 – Burt Reynolds is a Nateland fan
32:29 – Calendars – The Basics and Leap years
42:33 – History of world calendars
49:42 – Lunar calendar
54:35 – Ethiopian calendar and Jesus’ birthday
59:45 – Mayan calendar and BC & AD
1:04:48 – International Fixed Calendar
1:14:29 – What would you change on our calendar?
1:21:36 – Why do we have 7 days in a week?
1:31:27 – New Years resolutions

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