Nateland | Ep #22 – The Wife

This episode, we get to know Nate’s wife, Laura. We talk to Laura about how she and Nate met, how he proposed, moving with him to New York and LA, what it’s like being married to a comedian, and so much more. Plus, a special guest joins us at the end of the episode. 

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5:09 – Comment Roundup
29:06 – Nate’s Grandmother’s funeral
36:21 – Laura Bargatze
40:00 – Nate’s first joke
43:16 – The move to New York City
48:59 – Nate’s proposal
55:40 – How committed are you to do comedy?
1:02:06 – Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder
1:07:02 – What does Laura think Nate would’ve done if he wasn’t a comedian?
1:13:14 – Is Nate funny in every day life?
1:21:14 – How has Nate changed?
1:28:36 – The real stories behind Nate’s jokes about Laura
1:30:53 – Nate’s television pilot show
1:41:00 – Harper and Nate’s work schedule
1:43:12 – How the Little Mermaid soundtrack brought Nate and Laura together
1:46:38 – A very special guest!

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