Nateland | Ep. #202 – Sleep

Hopefully this week’s episode won’t put you to sleep but that is this week’s topic, along with Dusty maybe sharing a flight with a famous baseball player and Nate and Aaron starting a new weight loss challenge.

0:00 – Which one of us could have lived in any era?
15:20 – What led Brian to comedy?
16:50 – Comment roundup
36:25 – Nate’s song with Walker Hayes
57:30 – Dusty’s co-passenger encounter
1:03:10 – Nate and Aaron’s race to 180lbs
1:11:00 – How long does it take to fall asleep?
1:25:10 – Optimal time to fall asleep and the 4 stages of sleep
1:34:44 – How do other mammals sleep?
1:46:20 – Record for staying awake the longest
1:50:44 – CPAP jokes
1:58:00 – Should you think about how your job affects others?
2:07:33 – Poultry talk and Dusty for Mayor
2:15:33 – Where we’re at this week

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