Nateland | Ep. #194 – Poetry

This week, Nate is missing in action so Brian, Aaron, and Dusty thought it would be a good time to talk about poetry. Aaron demonstrates his improved auctioneering skills, Dusty hears Beethoven’s 9th symphony for the first time, and Brian writes a Haiku about Nate but has trouble pronouncing the words “poem” and “poetry.”

0:00 – Doodling and weekend recap
12:50 – Merch sales
27:15 – Comment roundup
47:35 – Phil Collins performing on two continents in a day
1:01:50 – The solar eclipse
1:07:30 – Pronouncing Poetry
1:16:17 – Types of poetry
1:32:00 – Charles Bukowski poems
1:41:20 – Shakespeare, limericks, odes and ballads
1:52:45 – Modern poets
2:00:22 – Where we’re at this week


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