Nateland | Ep. #191 – Airplanes, Applebees, and Jimmy Fallon

This week, the guys delve into a hodgepodge of different topics and conversations. Brian admits to having his Christmas card photoshopped, Nate shares his wild weekend with Jimmy Fallon, Aaron finishes his story about buying a cactus for his brother, and Dusty makes an argument for why guns should be allowed on airplanes.

0:00 – Will you ever retire or quit stand up?
9:00 – The Ides of March and photoshopped photos
19:25 – Nate’s weekend with Jimmy Fallon
36:20 – Weekend recap
41:50 – Comment roundup
52:45 – Aaron’s cactus
1:16:30 – Have we been to every city in the song “I’ve been everywhere”
1:24:15 – We are the World documentary
1:37:25 – TSA self check and guns on planes
1:44:44 – Applebee’s and IHOP
1:55:45 – Where we’re at this week


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