Nateland | Ep. #181 – Sketch Comedy feat. Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

Dusty is still celebrating the new year so this week we’re joined by our friend and fellow comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes to talk about sketch comedy. Anjelah shares some crazy stories about becoming a viral video sensation, becoming a cast member on MadTV and getting to attend a birthday party for Michael Jackson.

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0:00 – When Anjelah and Nate toured together
9:44 – The Nail Salon joke viral success
32:37 – Comment roundup
55:11 – The #1 fast food meal combo and buffet etiquette
1:09:55 – Anjelah’s new movie
1:18:20 – Anjelah on Mad TV
1:27:55 – Favorite sketch shows
1:45:38 – Anjelah’s Neverland ranch story
1:56:40 – SNL tidbits
2:04:28 – Where we’re at

Guest co-host: Anjelah Johnson-Reyes (
Host: Nate Bargatze (
Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay (


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