Nateland | Ep #18 – Bigfoot

Does Bigfoot really exist? This episode – Nate, Aaron, and Brian delve into the history of the Sasquatch with special guest and Bigfoot enthusiast Kevin Jata. The guys look at videos, hear stories, and share their own theories about the mysterious creature. 

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1:27 – This week’s guest – Bigfoot expert Kevin Jata
4:00 – Comedian Joe Zimmerman’s Bigfoot joke
5:58 – Why haven’t we found physical evidence or discovered any?
17:35 – The Loch ness Monster
28:09 – Do you think you’ll ever see Bigfoot in your lifetime? Do UFOs exist?
33:06 – How intelligent is the creature? And has it existed through time?
35:04 – Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show and Dog Man
41:24 – Should we not be looking for Bigfoot so it survives?
46:12 – The Patterson Bigfoot video
59:46 – What is the area with the biggest population of creatures?
1:01:58 – The real life Men in Black
1:08:00 – UFO secrecy around the world
1:16:08 – What’s a Bigfoot encounter like?
1:19:25 – Are aliens what we think they are? What are their motives?
1:34:07 – The hyper-dimensional theory and alien contact
1:46:41 – Conspiracy theories that have been proven

Guest: Kevin Jata
Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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Recording and Editing by Genovations Media
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