Nateland | Ep #17 – Urban Legends

This episode, we delve into urban legends. Was Mr. Rogers really a Navy Seal? Did Paul McCartney really die and get replaced by a look-a-like? Was the movie “The Exorcist” really based on a true story? These are just some of the many urban legends Nate, Brian, Aaron, and Nic discuss. 

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0:12 – Life on the One Night Only Drive-in Tour – Golf & NASCAR!
8:00 – Comment Roundup
44:02 – Preview of the next Nateland episode
45:20 – Urban Legends – Halloween and the real life Michael Myers
57:38 – Who would you rather encounter: Michael Myers (Halloween) or Jason (Friday the 13th)?
1:00:28 – Popular Urban Legends – Marilyn Manson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mr. Rogers, dwarf eating Hippos, gang initiations, mole people, spider eggs.
1:12:18 – Killer in the backseat
1:14:04 – Wade Boggs drinks 107 beers on a flight, David Wells’ drunk perfect game and Doc Ellis
1:19:58 – Orange juice man, achilles slasher thief, needles in change dispenser, razors in candy
1:25:45 – Replacement Paul McCartney
1:28:54 – The Amityville House and Nate’s ghost story
1:38:34 – The Scream movies, The Exorcist, and The Shining
1:42:10 – The Wizard of Oz munchkin death
1:47:14 – Three Men and a Baby ghost
1:50:03 – Scariest Haunted House in America

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Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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