Nateland | Ep #168 – Explorers (Liam Neeson) ft. Joe Zimmerman

This week, Aaron is missing so the guys are joined by Nate’s friend and fellow comedian Joe Zimmerman. Nate gives a movie review of the Meg 2, Joe breaks down the guys’ horoscopes, and Brian comes into some unexpected money. Then the guys prepare for Columbus Day by learning about explorers, which quickly dissolves into just discussing the movie career of Liam Neeson.

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0:00 – Joe Zimmerman joins us this week!
8:55 – What’s your sign?
13:35 – Weekend recap
30:00 – Comment roundup
43:53 – Nate and Jerry
1:00:58 – Columbus and Leif Erikson
1:13:50 – Cartographers and maps
1:21:50 – The fountain of youth
1:33:00 – The 8th continent

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Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay (

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