Nateland | Ep #16 – Hoaxes

This episode, we talk about hoaxes. The guys discuss if they’ve ever been the victim of a hoax, hoaxes they’ve played on others, famous hoaxes throughout history, and much more. 

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1:35 – Comment Roundup
32:17 – Bill Burr on SNL
35:35 – John and Jane Doe Joke
44:24 – The Manti Te’o story
55:47 – How many babies are born every minute?
58:49 – The Cardiff Giant
1:03:52 – War of the Worlds
1:09:03 – Anyone been part of a hoax?
1:19:57 – The Sidd Finch April Fool’s prank
1:25:39 – The Balloon Boy flight
1:31:03 – Hoaxes vs. Scams
1:35:28 – Edwin Owens hoax and how easy is would it be to create a hoax?

Guest Co-host: Nic Novicki (

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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