Nateland | Ep #155 – Names

This week, Dusty is back to share the exciting news of his new baby, Nate gives a detailed review of a movie no one has seen, and Aaron shares Weber family photos of a tennis ball wedding. Then the guys learn what all their names mean, why we have names in the first place, and what names are banned as they learn about the history of names.

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0:00 – Dusty’s new baby and vertigo
16:20 – Nate’s Nascar experience and the NHL awards
35:10 – Member/Guest golf tournament and Nate’s movie review
58:40 – Comment roundup
1:09:05 – Eating seagulls
1:24:46 – Name laws
1:34:00 – Jr./Sr. and lineage
1:40:00 – Surnames
1:47:00 – Our family name origins
1:53:18 – Icelandic names and International name laws
2:12:10 – Do names influence your life?
2:13:30 – Where we’re at this week

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay (


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