Nateland | Ep #149 – Robots

This week the guys are talking about robots so naturally that leads to conversations about Aaron flunking a logic class, Brian going to school with a toe sucker, Nate sharing an unpleasant experience at an art festival, and Dusty making a new friend in Knoxville.

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0:00 – Weekend roundup
12:40 – Dusty’s new Knoxville friend
21:10 – Comment roundup
36:00 – The dangers of the Cassowary
52:30 – Taking on a lion or 100 seagulls?
1:01:44 – Tennessee Titans schedule video
1:10:00 – The hotel toe sucker
1:16:50 – Your household and robots in the news
1:30:00 – Chat GPT
1:31:30 – Nate’s art festival incident
1:46:33 – Robots in everyday life
1:58:20 – The three laws of robots
2:05:16 – Robot in space
2:14:50 – Where we’re at this week.

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