Nateland | Ep #139 – The Return of Greg Warren

This week, our old friend Greg Warren is back! The guys perform a Pringles crumb experiment, get Greg’s thoughts on the Jif peanut butter recall, and weigh the pros and cons of a proposed hyperloop across Missouri.

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0:00 – Greg is back!
11:50 – Nate’s UFC watch party and bad ref calls
30:48 – Weekend recap
45:40 – Comment roundup
58:00 – Nate’s napkin rules
1:10:40 – The Jif recall
1:18:00 – Pringles and the crumb test
1:28:41 – Uncrustables and Pibb soda
1:44:22 – Missouri questions
1:52:23 – Missouri hyperloop and natural disasters
2:03:10 – Where we’ll be

Guest host: Greg Warren (
Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay (

Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze
Recording & Editing by Genovations Media
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