Nateland | Ep #12 – Grocery Stores

This episode, we discuss one of our favorite places – the grocery store. We discuss grocery stores of the past, present, and future plus share some of our own personal moments at the grocery store.

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1:59 – Celebrity golf tournaments and Nate being mean to Brian
7:16 – Nate’s doing a drive-in tour. Aaron is recording a his 1st comedy album. Brian is doing live shows.
9:44 – Comment roundup
45:44 – Our Fantasy Sports leagues
51:57 – History of grocery stores
58:50 – Piggly Wiggly grocery
1:02:50 – 1st self checkout store
1:03:52 – Nate rants on self service yogurt stores with tip jars
1:12:10 – Escalators, moving walkways and Brian on a scooter
1:18:07 – How many times a week should you go shopping for groceries
1:23:52 – Pandemic shopping has ushered in wider grocery aisles
1:24:55 – Brand name or generic products?
1:29:02 – Online grocery shopping and new technology
1:34:16 – Grocery store crimes and scams
1:38:08 – Snakes in a cart
1:40:32 – Grocery shopping in New York
1:42:46 – How would you change shopping cart design?
1:45:12 – What would you go for if locked in a grocery store?

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