Nateland | Ep #105 – Candy

This week Nate, Aaron, and Dusty explore the sticky topic of candy. After discussing how to survive a bear attack and Nate’s recent experiences hiking, the guys taste, judge, and discuss different candies, how they’d eat them, and their histories.

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0:00 – Weekly recap
9:00 – Hiking days and the call of the void
18:00 – How to survive a bear attack
28:23 – Living in the wilderness
32:33 – The Grizzly Man documentary
39:38 – Comment Roundup
1:01:08 – Last wishes
1:10:38 – Candy bar taste test
1:20:00 – Candy in the freezer
1:28:22 – Candy history
1:36:33 – Big League Chew and Jingles
1:40:35 – Candy urban legends and what food do you prefer to eat alone

Co-hosts: Brian Bates (, Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay ( )

Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze
Recording & Editing by Genovations Media
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