Nateland | Ep #103 – Hotels

Do hotels put a tracking device in your towels to make sure you don’t steal them? What happens to the soap in hotel rooms after you use it? Could Aaron set the world record for most hotel room key cards? These are just some of the questions the guys try to answer this week as they discuss hotels.  

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0:00 – Comment Roundup
14:42 – Trusting 1960s doctors
25:23 – Lefties
48:50 – Dustin Nickerson’s new book!
49:40 – Our hotel experiences and journaling
1:01:28 – Dusty’s never been to a funeral
1:07:22 – Worst hotels you’ve stayed at
1:17:14 – Hotel soap
1:30:47 – Hotel safety
1:43:14 – Memorable hotel stays
1:52:08 – Hidden talents
1:57:55 – Where we’re performing soon

Co-hosts: Brian Bates (, Aaron Weber ( and Dusty Slay ( )

Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze
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