Nateland | Ep #10 – Stand-Up Comedy

This episode, we talk about what we know best – stand-up comedy. Nate shares stories about his climb up the comedy ladder in New York City, performing on late night television, and milestones he’s reached along the way in his comedy journey. Part 1 of 2.

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1:36 – Comment Roundup
33:05 – Nate’s Garage Comedy Gig Sketch (Watch the sketch with improved audio here: )
38:53 – History of Stand up Comedy
47:00 – Comedy in the 1970s and Nate’s NYC start
52:26 – How Nate puts together a Tonight Show set
1:01:27 – Nate’s Late Night Talk Show experiences
1:07:26 – What’s the 1st comedian you remember seeing live?
1:12:56 – Comedians that influenced you
1:19:11 – Dave Chappelle stories
1:27:03 – Nate getting bumped off a comedy show
1:32:49 – Did you ever consider quitting comedy?
1:36:00 – Career milestones
1:39:01 – How Nate met Jimmy Fallon
1:56:30 – Where is comedy heading?

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