Microplastics in ALL our Food with Brian Simpson | Chris Distefano is Chrissy Chaos | EP 121

WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos!

Chrissy Chaos is joined by comedian Brian Simpson! The two talk about how hero’s from history were SUSpect. Craving power and fame will destroy your life. The real key to life is balance! Brian talks about his time in the service and the lessons he learned while serving. Chris talks about a few life lessons his father taught him during his childhood. Comedy is a hustle that is blood sweat and tears. Money isn’t everything babe! GET EDUCATED PEOPLE!


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00:00 Senator Energy Brian Simpson
3:55 Foul to Us not to Them!
5:28 Comedian or Crack Head?
8:30 Most Racist in History
12:00 Time Travel for Mansa Musa
14:45 Beginning of the End Babe
16:13 Hello Fresh & For The People
20:17 Universe Trying to Kill Us
21:16 Foster System
26:00 Stability in the Military
30:00 Don’t Compare— Life is not Fair Babe!
40:19 Secret to Happiness
43:38 Winning the Lottery
50:30 Police Training Be Different
52:23 US President 2024?
54:46 Go See Brian!!


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