Kevin Spacey's Soup & AI Saints | The Tim Dillon Show #393

In this episode:

Tim talks about Logan Paul’s Prime lawsuit, the multimillionaire middle class, Kevin Spacey’s return to the spotlight, Taiwan, the latest saint and being a Boeing baby.

American Royalty Tour

00:00 Netanyahu Vocal Warm Up
01:20 Logan Paul’s Prime Lawsuit
10:42 The Multimillionaire Middle Class
13:55 Kevin Spacey’s Soup
19:31 Sell Adele’s Thing
24:39 Let Kevin Spacey Get Away With This
36:44 China Is Testing Taiwan
42:50 Anthony Blinken Rockin’ In The Free World
51:25 The Pope’s Influencer & AI Saint
58:07 The Government Admits The Saudis Committed 9/11
1:02:56 One Date Left In Nashville & New Tour Dates
1:04:38 I Love Boeing


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