John Leguazamo Rides The Subway, Is Jihadi John a Dad?, Mean Comments! | Chrissy Chaos | Ep 157

In this episode:

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Chris Distefano and Mike Cannon read mean comments, answer your phone calls, discuss the parent of the week and get an update from Jihadi John and his pregnant latina.

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00:00 – Intro / John Leguizamo

03:49 – Chrissy Politics

09:50 – Fake Empathy

11:09 – Old Drunk Mike

13:50 – New Gay Chris

23:19 – Where is Producer John?

28:47 – Chaos Hotline Voicemail

40:30 – Crappy Parents

44:40 – Memories that Haunt Us

53:55 – Parent of the Week

1:01 – Mean Comments



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