Jessica Kirson & The Revenge Of The Basic | The Tim Dillon Show #387

In this episode:

Tim sits down with comedian Jessica Kirson about marching, 90’s music, Oprah, dieting, being star struck and why everything is nostalgic. Come see me live:

00:00 Was The Easter Parade The Trans Parade
08:49 Caitlyn Jenner Is An Elderly Woman
11:04 Why Is Ellen So Mad?
13:30 I Don’t Think Oprah Is Real
19:50 Oprah’s Endorsements & Diets
25:45 Celebrity Sightings
30:19 90s Music & The Revenge Of The Basic
38:30 Speaking Of Ass, Do You Like The Burbs?
41:30 Only Way I’d Live In The City Again
46:30 Fatty Boom Batty From Selling Sunset
49:35 Emotionally Sensitive Customers
57:00 Nobody Cared About What You Did In The 90s
59:12 Keeping People Engaged
1:03:15 Jessica Loves Tim

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