Iran, Israel & The Cool Aunt | The Tim Dillon Show #389

In this episode:

Tim talks about Israel’s strike on Iran, the Columbia University protests, being gay in the Middle East, Plus Size Park Hoppers and what makes aunts cool but tragic.

American Royalty Tour

00:00 The Middle East Is Like Biting The Side Of Your Cheek
04:10 Israel Is Not Popular Right Now/Columbia University Protests
12:54 Gay For Iran
20:58 Israel Has Exhausted Everybody
24:00 The Olympics Are Coming
32:34 Plus Size Park Hoppers
40:44 The Natural End Of The Cool Aunt
49:50 Stop Wanting Everyone To Accept You
57:39 Cool Aunts Are Irish & Fleetwood Mac Lyrics
1:03:54 People Are Predictable/Israel’s Cool Aunt Vibe


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