Ep 88: Bill Burr & Floats

It’s here, @BillBurrOfficial sits down with Mark Normand and Sam Morril to talk comedy, movies, sports, and more.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Coming Out Hard
3:29 Root Beer Floats
5:56 DeRosa Voicemail https://youtu.be/LqNhtM3qjkY?t=321
9:31 Wrestler Promo
13:33 Ray Liotta
15:47 Orny Adams – Comedian
20:56 Patrice O’Neal
24:52 Robin Willians
31:51 Drink Mix-Up
42:29 The Mandalorian
49:20 Mike Tyson Punch
54:03 Bill Burr Enjoys a Struggle
1:09:41 “I Hit Dingers”
1:23:52 Dave Attell
1:35:22 John Mulaney
1:39:38 Old Dads Movie
1:40:17 Bill Burr Has Left The Building
1:40:59 Tour Dates
1:43:55 Outro/Credits

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