Ep 86: Mint Julep

In this episode:

No guest this week, double dose of Mark and Sam.


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0:00 Intro
5:39 Mint Julep
10:26 Bombing
13:45 Rec – Peacemaker TV Show
19:04 Mark has a thought
21:09 Circumcised
28:31 Deodorant
31:55 Sam Was A Chubby Kid
36:04 Mark’s Bachelor Party
40:37 Ads
45:45 Back To The Show
46:42 Peeve – Omakase Sushi
50:20 Rec – Dr. Scholl’s
51:25 Peeve – Not Saying “Bye”
53:11 Peeve – Voice Messages
56:36 What’s The Deal with GMail
1:12:08 Rec – House Of Cards
1:15:56 Bits
1:27:45 Outro

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