Ep 85: Bodega Cat Sours

In this episode:

Recorded June 28th

Riding with just the boys this week. Robot Salacuse in the chair giving stuff a Goog.
BeerJew making some nice drinks, Chips Akoy with the hot takes on chips, and Peters just sitting back quiet.


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Tell us your favorite regional chip brand/flavor!

0:00 Intro
13:25 Remember Pre-C*m?
14:59 Chip Conversation
27:50 Peeves
28:03 Actually A Rec
34:15 WMBD Movie Coming Soon
38:10 Oh, Hi Mark, Let’s See The Comments!
43:07 Tag WMBD on every Charlie Sheen Post!
58:23 Baby vs Herpes
1:02:42 Bee On Your Hat
1:05:59 Peeve Voice Messages
1:21:05 Bits
1:34:36 Tour Dates

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