Ep 78: Ari Shaffir w/ The Boulevardier Flannel Boys

Well, its here, we know you have been looking for it, we read the comments. @arishaffir is in the house.

Boulevardier: 1 part sweet vermouth, 1 part Campari, 1 part whiskey

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Old Pal
0:52 Ari Shaffir
5:10 French Fries/Chips
8:44 Snoop & Curb
13:43 Cellar Party
18:15 Fist Fight with @JoeListComedy
20:30 Cheap Shots
32:25 MoonTower Walk
38:26 World Traveling
43:28 This Is Not Happening
49:38 Get Quentin On!
57:25 Ari Rec – Everything Everywhere All At Once
1:02:45 Ari Peeve – Coming on Drinking Podcast and Not Drinking
1:03:45 Sponsored Segments
1:06:48 Back To The Show
1:07:53 Amber Heard & Depp
1:10:39 Get Demitri On
1:16:09 Robert Loggia
1:19:58 Sam Peeve – Enjoying A Shower
1:32:45 Mark’s Peeves
1:38:19 Liquor Dreams
1:39:37 Nice Editing Autumn
1:40:48 Ari Peeve – To Close Walking
1:43:17 Worst Rated Film of All Time
1:45:14 Ari’s Special Taping June 11th & 12th
1:47:51 Plugs
1:54:20 Credits

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Credit Music courtesy of Ugly Smile

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