EP 71: Judd Apatow w/ Kombucha

Today we are joined by Judd Apatow, check out his book Sicker In The Head, The Bubble on Netflix and George Carlin Doc on HBO Max.

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New York, NY 10018

0:00 Intro
0:12 Welcome Judd Apatow
5:14 James L Brooks
10:45 Why Am I Writing This?
12:00 Pete Davidson
15:25 Judd’s Kids
19:00 Kombucha
20:15 Jimmy Fallon
23:20 Freaks And Geeks
27:16 Interviewing Seinfeld
36:58 Norm McDonald
38:38 Adam Sandler and Rodney Dangerfield
48:00 Judd and Jim Carey
56:55 Judd On The Road
1:01:00 The Bubble
1:05:24 Celtic Pride
1:09:20 Wrapping Up
1:10:50 Plug Dates

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