Ep 497 – Jam The Brakes (feat. Sal Vulcano & Luis J. Gomez)

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0:00:00 – brake
0:00:30 – Luis J. Gomez & Sal Vulcano
0:04:30 – New York Parade’s
0:08:30 – Grind or Get Air | Broken Escalator
0:15:00 – Luis’s Lyft Driver
0:21:30 – Happy to Chat | Sal’s Uber Driver
0:30:00 – Austin Homeless
0:33:44 – addz
0:38:42 – Delivery Bro’s | Tips
0:45:00 – Naughty Stories
0:52:30 – Luis the Gentleman | Procuring the Gals
1:02:00 – Getting Scammed | Phone Sex
1:09:00 – Algorithm Training
1:12:30 – Intruder Scenario’s | good bye 🙂

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