Ep 447 – Brewski Tumble

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – even the best
00:01:11 -Mf mushed out
00:02:10 -Smashing cats
00:04:30 -Big tumbles in little JFK
00:07:45 -stumbling with my nightly
00:09:10 -Lemeezy a freak
00:15:45 -Matthews comedy special has been filmed
00:20:10 -They are funny, yet they weep
00:21:40 -Choppa n da hawk
00:23:30 -lazer vision
00:25:10 -The mr king of New York rocks the house
00:28:10 -Levels of cool
00:32:00 -Debating the prophet
00:33:10 -Lemaire? Had it
00:35:55 -We’re so fluid
00:38:27 – ADVERTS
00:43:19 -Chris the calculator
00:48:55 -The hermit king
00:50:25 -Bonsai betrayal
00:52:55 -Gifts for Lemaire
00:55:00 -Gimme a slice uh that pussy pie
00:57:40 -An ocular feast
01:04:50 -Rock fence warriors

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