Ep 446 – Butts (feat. Anthony Moore)

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00:00:00 – the story of ant and matt
00:00:39 -bruthas be pukin
00:02:00 -Ladies and gentlemen, Ant Moore
00:03:40 -Pod life ain’t easy
00:05:40 -Not career oriented
00:07:25 -Gay dog and a podcast
00:09:20 -Elite Indians
00:12:40 -Anti woke league
00:15:00 -Whine-1-1
00:20:45 -Big bad podcaster
00:23:20 -Shannon Gillis
00:26:30 -Invading the safe space
00:29:55 -Ant Moores double life
00:32:35 -Phil, check this out
00:35:12 – ADVERTS now lets get back to the show
00:39:45 -Chitown demon seed
00:41:35 -Licking bootyhole
00:47:15 -“Never” been fingered
00:50:40 -Can’t be a buttslut
00:55:00 -Dog farts and mushroom caps
01:01:00 -Shiesty no more
01:05:15 -Get ready for the rematch
01:10:00 – goodbye go see ant at helium philadelphia june 28 and listen to we want moore podcast go see shane and matt as well

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