Ep 437 – We Got Guys

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – this is how legends are made
00:01:00 -Lashing out
00:04:10 -Wondadult
00:07:00 -Beat his ass
00:09:15 -Poor sportsmanship
00:16:50 -Hoss Cops
00:17:30 – ADVERTS thank u
00:23:30 -The demon rats dance as the general munches
00:29:35 -Tates crisp and delicious
00:32:00 -Dr Jill’s boyfriends
00:36:50 -Spun on the culture
00:43:50 -LDS stay winnin
00:46:00 -On their Dead Poets Society shit
00:48:55 -Brutal wops
00:51:00 -please be nice mr redators
00:53:00 -Florida continues to rule
00:57:40 -Those kids still caged?
00:59:00 -Big gay penis
01:01:00 -Badass coaches
01:15:10 -Papa do not watch me

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