Ep 432 – Dong Lemón (feat. Chris O'Connor)

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – monkey cowboy baby
00:01:00 – omg we’re back again
00:07:00 – the discourse and long answers – say sorry chris
00:11:00 – clot Adam’s
00:15:00 – boscovs over Prince Valiant
00:19:00 – ring cams and the hitachi
00:24:00 – masterbation habits
00:26:42 – ADVERTS thanks guys
00:29:32 – chris is talkin to chat gpt
00:37:00 – cena wrasslin talk
00:43:00 – the holy Roman Empire and credit card debt
00:46:00 – the new Supreme Court
00:51:00 – Elon and Clot // I AM CHAT GPT
00:54:00 – u blew it clot u had the G Pass
00:57:00 – Don Lemón wanted the Frank n beanz
01:00:00 – showin the hood and the VFW where the horse bit u
01:04:00 – funny guys at the elks
01:08:00 – GO see Shane and Chris in IOWA and Matt in CT and NJ and Lemaire in Virginia

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