Ep 421 – Birthday Party (feat. Tim Butterly & Mike Rainey)

In this episode:

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00:00:00 -issa party ay
00:00:50 -Happy happy birthday happy birthday to ya
00:03:55 -A tracksuit fit for a king
00:06:00 -fighting a dong fire
00:07:55 -Baby Mikey’s birthday wishes
00:10:05 -The Rocky shrine
00:14:30 – THANKS
00:16:20 – just a dog bite babe
00:19:45 -BOOGIE UGA UGA
00:22:20 -livestream on December 14th but Beet will not be there
00:24:05 -Sexy Shawn Hardpini
00:26:15 -Manopause causing ball sweat
00:27:30 -Don’t knock it till you try it
00:30:35 -A pornographic sound hound
00:32:15 -Timewasting the night away
00:33:50 -Rapping the night away
00:36:40 -thank you!!
00:45:00 -Awkward crack smoking
00:50:30 -Funny plans
00:51:05 -I CANT MR WEST
00:59:05 -Okay it’s a little funny
01:02:20 -The black Israelite web
01:04:30 – it’s the Hugo
01:06:20 -Full of fun sketch ideas
01:08:00 -I’m gonna do it
01:10:00 -Just some waterpark fun
01:14:00 -Rush Hour 4
01:18:30 -Go get the livestream on December 14
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