Ep 416 – 2 Fly To Die

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – The Fly (cliffhanger)
00:01:10 -Goodnight Fetterperson
00:03:10 -Me llamo Ser
00:04:40 -PA apologies
00:06:25 -This is all just making me pissed
00:09:25 -Shifting the power dynamics
00:10:50 -A life full of Rumspringa
00:12:45 -The demolition of Chris O’Connor
00:16:10 -The science of baseball
00:19:10 -Michael Flyers
00:20:05 -Defending the Big Mac pumpkin
00:22:44 – ads THANKS Heart and Soil and True Classic
00:25:15 -Debunkin the punkin
00:28:40 -Pro snickers and Jell-O shots
00:31:40 -Eat bacon. Pound joe.
00:33:40 -Autimnal jamz
00:35:05 -Regal E.B.s
00:36:40 -The world series’s
00:38:00 -The evil ginyis
00:42:50 -It’s lit
00:43:20 -Modern day Socateez
00:48:10 -Going all the way
00:50:20 -Purely for maintenance
00:52:10 -A bountiful yield
00:53:50 -Humiliating cactus
00:56:20 -We got em

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