Ep 405 – Free Manti (feat. WARMODE)

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – Free him
00:01:00 -Lore of the ring
00:06:00 -Bill is an MTV2 head
00:08:50 -Homer Anarchapulco
00:15:45 -Devil house down Devil Road
00:17:30 -Mad Dogs turning yellow
00:19:15 -Embarrassment rituals
00:21:00 -King Manti was trapped in the darkness
00:26:40 -Ultimate bro code violation
00:29:30 -Sackless Charlie Weis
00:33:15 -Norte Dame
00:39:00 -Lenai the shapeshifter
00:42:30 -The Gillis Clan bleeds blue and gold
00:44:30 -On the Program
00:47:00-Experiencing Air Canada
00:54:45 -Welcome to Chinada
00:56:10 -Meeting Australian wildlife
01:02:00 -Bill turn fool forda money
01:06:10 -Emojis only in the comments
01:07:45 -Pitching Mr. Beautiful and Mark Cuban
01:12:50 -Exploring Spuds wishlist
01:15:30 -Sharks remarks
01:16:25 -Torping in Sydney
01:28:10 -Marbalos and flying foxes
01:33:10 -Shane’s helmet gorging ASMR
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