Ep 404 – Gut Busted

In this episode:

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00:00:00 – amen
00:01:00 -Big Kahunas belly busted
00:10:30 -The Archduke has been shot!
00:16:30 -What do you want for Christmas big dawg?
00:18:40 -What to watch out for next
00:23:00 -Do you want gold and 5x brain power??
00:25:50 -retweeting the hard HN
00:29:20 -You must munch ungluttonously
00:35:00 -BLACKD
00:38:20 -Oh yeah, I have bae
00:44:00 -Give these knights some damn damsels
00:51:15 -SILENCE is golden
00:53:50 -She’s skilled and bed and oh so pretty (relatively)
00:57:35 -Ol St Sebbie
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