Ep 183: Chris Distefano & Joe DeRosa

This episode is catered by Joey Roses, if you want your sandwiches to taste how Joe DeRosa looks, grab a hard 8 from a guy with a limp 4. But in all honestly, Joey Roses has great sandwiches and Bodega Cat behind the bar (hopefully).

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00:00:00 – A Conversation about Bad Breath and Other Gross Things
00:07:09 – Breath and Hygiene
00:13:59 – James Buchanan, America’s First Gay President
00:21:13 – Fun Facts and Historical Divisions
00:28:14 – Economic Disruptions and Major Disruptions to the Economy
00:35:08 – Reflections on Sitcoms and a Show Deal
00:42:23 – Mando Deodorant and Fum Inhalers
00:49:41 – Discussing Drinks at the Bar
00:57:06 – Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol
01:04:29 – Funny Stories and Restaurant Recommendations
01:12:21 – Visiting Tampa for a Bachelor Party
01:18:31 – Stoicism and Arguments with Joe
01:26:01 – Awkward Conversations at the Deli
01:33:33 – Comedians and Self-Criticism
01:40:13 – Texting Mishaps with Famous Comedian
01:47:43 – Family Drama in Atlantic City
01:55:19 – Be True

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