Ep 182: Colin Quinn & Rachel Feinstein

Two of the best comedians with two of the best specials of 2024 on the same episode, you are in for a treat tonight. Join us for some comedy fun with these comedy legends.

Check out Colin’s YouTube special “Our Time Is Up” currently out now on YouTube.

Go watch Rachel’s special “Big Guy” on Netflix now!

Colin Quinn: https://colinquinn.com/
Rachel Feinstein: https://rachel-feinstein.com/
Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/
Mark Normand: https://marknormandcomedy.com/

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00:00:00 – Fun and Banter with Colin Quinn
00:05:39 – Competing with Keith Robinson
00:11:06 – A Story about After-Hours Places and Lost Keys
00:16:15 – Comedy and Family Dynamics
00:21:32 – The Challenges of Sex Jokes
00:26:55 – Childhood Crushes and Obsessions
00:32:41 – Funny Moments and Stories
00:38:01 – Live Music and Threesomes
00:43:22 – Dave’s Threesome Confession
00:48:51 – Hilarious Stories
00:54:24 – Norm Macdonald’s Comedy Style
00:59:28 – Norm Macdonald Stories
01:05:07 – Funny Stories and Cookie Peeves
01:10:51 – Rants and Peeves about Daily Life in the City
01:16:04 – Peeve: Smelly subway seats
01:21:10 – Movie Recommendations: Mean Street and Good Fellas
01:27:04 – The Possibility of Truth

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