Ep 180: Nikki Glaser

We hope she doesn’t roast us! We have Nikki Glaser with us today. Go watch her new special “Someday You’ll Die” And go see her on the road near you this summer!

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Nikki Glaser : https://www.nikkiglaser.com/

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00:00:00 – Hanging Out at the Fest
00:06:03 – Comedy Night at the Club
00:12:09 – Bombing at the Comedy Club
00:18:13 – Stories from the Comedy Scene
00:24:39 – Comedy Show Failures
00:30:14 – Game Time Sponsorship
00:36:13 – Late Night Talk Shows and the Pressure to Keep Working
00:41:52 – The Difficulty of Taking Time Off
00:47:47 – Traveling with Friends
00:53:20 – Babies on Flights and Impostor Syndrome
00:59:34 – Comedy and Self-Worth
01:05:19 – The Challenges of Parenting
01:11:08 – The Experience of Birth Control and Parental Support
01:17:00 – Drew Bledo and the Backstory
01:22:41 – Conversations about Comedians and Relationships
01:28:15 – The Complexity of Relationships

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