Ep 179: Drea de Matteo

In this episode:

Spoiler alert, we will be watching and talking about some spoilers for The Sopranos and some big deaths including the series finale.

We are joined tonight by actor Drea de Matteo, this is a Soprano superfan episode. We share some great moments and great conversation with the actor. 

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00:00:00 – A Wild Night in Madison
00:05:25 – Ice Cream Pet Peeves
00:11:01 – Health Issues and Burning P
00:16:53 – Love and Emotional Boundaries
00:22:34 – The Value of “I Love You”
00:28:40 – Living in New York’s Cutest Street
00:34:46 – Emotional Scenes and the Dog’s Death
00:41:04 – The Acting and Emotional Depth
00:47:10 – Anecdotes from The Sopranos set
00:53:41 – James Gandolfini and Sopranos Rumors
01:00:13 – The Sopranos and Water Cooler Talk
01:06:21 – Conversations about Drugs and Addiction
01:12:15 – Concerns about Kids Smoking Weed and the Effects on Health and Culture
01:18:19 – Discussing The Sopranos and Favorite Scenes
01:24:58 – The Juxtaposition of Characters
01:31:03 – Unity and the Purpose of Our Line

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