Ep 177: The Foot

In this episode:

Get your lube ready for the debut of the foot.
Just the guys hanging out on this episode with Winnie, such a good episode.
Thanks for coming to hang with us.

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00:00:00 – A Terrible Ride to the Studio
00:09:14 – Shakespeare and Movie Adaptations
00:14:08 – Favorite Childhood Movies and Costumes
00:18:47 – Coercive Sex: a Horrible and Coercive Act
00:23:21 – Masturbation and Sexual Preferences
00:28:17 – Inappropriate Humor
00:33:28 – The Struggles of Dating and Foot Fetish
00:38:00 – Socks and Slides, and Understanding Slang
00:42:54 – Old People Talking About the Past
00:47:52 – The Ranking of Specials
00:52:13 – Bill Cosby’s Comeback
00:56:51 – Annoying Text Etiquette
01:01:38 – Annoying Elevator Encounters
01:06:02 – Elevator Rides and Comedian Talk
01:10:33 – The Origin of the Phrase “Break a Leg”

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