Ep 175: We Might Be Running For President [Ft. Andrew Yang]

Best of both worlds, we got a good segment up top with the guys, combing cereal and Bodega Cat for some fun drinks. This one is a a hot one with former US Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang coming in and sharing some knowledge with the guys.

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00:00:00 – Unfiltered Conversations and Cereal Taste Testing
00:07:19 – Taste Testing Cereal Cocktails
00:14:43 – Comedy Gold and Peeves about Emails
00:22:11 – The Debate Over Walking Three Blocks vs. Driving
00:29:20 – Friendship Rape and Other Peeves
00:36:28 – Movie Recommendations: Intolerable Cruelty, A Simple Plan, One False Move
00:43:56 – Comedy, Politics, and Professional Wrestling
00:51:29 – Performative Politics
00:58:51 – Comedy and Politics
01:06:02 – Police Endorsement and Recruitment Issues
01:13:42 – Cancel Culture and the Role of Comedians
01:21:06 – Asians are having a moment
01:28:39 – The Impact of Money and Swing Voters in the Election
01:35:54 – Political polarization and changing stances
01:43:10 – Politicians and their Incentives
01:50:30 – Hard to Automate: HVAC Repair vs. Robot Accountant
01:57:57 – Lunch in New Orleans

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