Ep 174: Robert Smigel & Justin Willman [Magical Comedy]

In this episode:

Titans of their industry, Robert Smigel and Justin Willman join us for this weeks episode.
A lot of insults and magic on this episode. Sadly YouTube blocked a bunch of the clips we watched, so join the Patreon to see the full episode un-edited.

Go watch Smigel’s show “Let’s Make A Poop” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJYS0IIN7hc

Check out Justin Willman on Netflix- Magic Prank Show – https://www.netflix.com/title/81428709?source=35

Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/
Mark Normand: https://marknormandcomedy.com/

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00:00:00 – Levain Bakery Cookies and Degenerate Friends
00:05:17 – Random Conversations
00:11:00 – Batman and Superhero Movies
00:17:16 – SNL and Comedy Stories
00:23:55 – Remembering the YouTube specials and Conan days
00:30:22 – Talking Sports with Triumph and Justin Robert
00:36:19 – Magic and Comedy with David Shapiro
00:42:08 – The Importance of Alignment in the Industry Update
00:48:35 – A Powerful Episode: A Parent’s Worst Fear
00:55:01 – David Blaine and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
01:01:06 – Magicians and the Magic Beef
01:07:08 – Robert’s Favorite Sketches
01:13:30 – The Funniest SNL Sketches with Andy Kaufman
01:19:15 – Dave’s Netflix Special and Magic Show Recommendations
01:25:25 – Woodstock Acid Trip
01:31:18 – A Spellbinding Performance
01:38:23 – Down on the roof

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