Ep 173: Allegedly

In this episode:

Freshest episode you could ever ask for, recorded on March 28th we talk road shows, MSG Garden of Laughs, P. Diddy, Nickelodeon and how ignorance is bliss. Everyting in this episode is alleged if any lawyers are listening.

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Mark Normand: https://marknormandcomedy.com/

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00:00:00 – Chewing an Orange and Fashion Talk
00:05:26 – Movie Reflections and Road Trip Stories
00:12:04 – Funny Stories from the Benefit Show at Madison Square Garden
00:17:53 – Hanging Out with Luis Guzman
00:23:18 – A Moment with Jee and a Failing Jumbo Tron Prank
00:28:38 – P Diddy’s Controversial Parties
00:34:14 – Skits in Between Songs
00:40:01 – Rant about Michael and Comedy Techniques
00:45:23 – Objectification and Sexualization of Women
00:51:05 – Stepdads and Volunteer Firemen
00:56:20 – Silly Conversations with Friends
01:01:47 – Misusing Expressions
01:07:43 – Humility and Tolerance
01:13:10 – From Beer to Liquor
01:19:35 – The Greatness of Sorkin’s Work
01:26:14 – Bodega Cat Whiskey and Merch Update
01:31:46 – Lunch in New Orleans

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