Ep 171: Ari Shaffir & Dan St. Germain – Life Of The Paddy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2024 you drunks! Enjoy another round with the guys tonight a bit of Tullamore Dew, Guinness and a lot of laughs.

Dan St. Germain and Ari Shaffir are with us to celebrate the high holiday.

Dan has a new special out now: “Dance Fatty Dance”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWafzY7HERs

Ari is taping a special APRIL 26 & 27 – WASHINGTON, DC Tickets ON SALE NOW! at AriShaffir.com

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00:00:00 – St Patrick’s Day Talk and Rehab Stories
00:06:26 – Silent Partner and Memories of Rehab
00:12:51 – Rehab Jokes and Irish Whiskey
00:19:54 – Funny Moments and Assistant Salaries
00:26:29 – Embarrassing Weekend Stories
00:33:17 – Penn Station Stories
00:40:00 – Memories from Vancouver Fest
00:46:27 – Winnie the Dog’s Quirks
00:53:11 – Conversations about Guinness and Comedy Tours
00:59:59 – Gangnam Style Guy’s Epic Entrance
01:07:04 – Octopus Murder and Gym Peeves
01:13:44 – Joking around and talking about celebrities
01:20:35 – Fatty Dance and Controversial Topics
01:26:54 – Controversial Talk Show Guests
01:33:48 – Comedic Stories and Anecdotes
01:40:14 – Fun Times and Comedy Tour Dates
01:47:04 – Random Conversations in New Orleans

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