Ep 169: Dan Soder & Shane Gillis

It’s a wrestling extravaganza with Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart and featuring Shane Gillis & Winnie the one eyed pug!

What a great episode 169, surprise drop in from Shane Gillis, fresh from recording an episode of Dan Soder’s podcast “Soder”. We have a great time talking wrestling, comedy, movies, Saturday Night Live recaps and more.

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00:00:00 – Wrestling and Body Positivity
00:05:43 – Unfortunate Interactions at the Bar
00:11:15 – Crowd surfing at the Show
00:13:13 – Shane Gillis Arrives
00:14:17 – Dan Soder Arrives
00:17:09 – Wrestling Talk
00:23:23 – A Chat About Wrestling
00:29:14 – Bathroom Mishaps at Comedy Shows
00:41:38 – Wrestling Mishaps and Legends
00:47:19 – Gerard Depardieu’s Drinking Habits
00:53:30 – High School Brawl
00:59:10 – Bar Fights and Drunken Escapades
01:05:01 – The Story of a Crazy Night
01:10:54 – Making Fun of the President
01:17:17 – Justin Bieber’s Birthday Party Invite
01:23:06 – Funny Car Flips and Scaring a Lady
01:29:15 – Comedic Reflections and Inside Jokes
01:35:20 – Mysterious Encounter in New Orleans

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