Ep 166: Are You Garbage at Dating?

In this episode:

Are You Garbage at Dating? We are too, but Dating By Blaine is here to help and we have the Are You Garbage boys to add their flavor as well. 

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00:00:00 – Romantic Setup for Valentine’s Day
00:05:52 – Using Instagram to Connect with Clients
00:11:27 – Navigating the Dating Scene
00:17:07 – Approaching women at the bar
00:22:52 – Dating Across Cultures and Tracking Progress
00:28:38 – The Diamond District and Valentine’s Day
00:34:33 – Paying $5,000 for a Dating Service
00:40:37 – Texting Tips for Guys
00:46:00 – The Importance of Personal Style
00:51:45 – Wiping Habits and Relationship Advice
00:57:20 – Dating Advice: Sliding into DMs & Gift Ideas
01:03:01 – “Conversations on Taboo Topics”
01:08:51 – Relationship Advice & Pet Peeves
01:14:48 – Speaking Truth to Power
01:20:29 – Funny Conversations with Friends
01:26:03 – Awkward Conversations and Long Distance Relationships
01:32:15 – New Orleans Memories

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