Ep 165: Godfrey & Hot Toddys

Ep 165 enjoying some Hot Toddys and a lot of laughs, recs, peeves and bits. Go see the guys on the road near you, links below:

Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/
Mark Normand: https://marknormandcomedy.com/#schedule!loading
Godfrey: https://www.godfreylive.com/

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wemightbedrunkpod

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00:00:00 – Morning Update and Hot Toddys
00:04:56 – Funny Conversations about Cities
00:09:50 – Awkward Elevator Encounter
00:14:51 – Annoying Hiccups and Hotel Gyms
00:19:48 – The Longest Case of Hiccups
00:24:47 – The Importance of Personalities in Comedy
00:29:39 – Stories from Inside Prison
00:35:06 – Tattoos and Funny Interviews
00:40:53 – A Misunderstanding about Names in Writing a Check
00:46:03 – Robin’s Confession about Hosting the Oscars
00:51:01 – Supporting Erection Quality and Sex Drive
00:56:37 – Behind the Scenes of America’s Got Talent
01:01:49 – Comedians and Stand-Up Comedy Memories
01:07:15 – Challenging Myself in Comedy
01:12:11 – The Challenges of Social Media Censorship
01:17:15 – Cat Williams and Trump’s Return
01:22:53 – Rodney Dangerfield’s Wild Stories
01:27:59 – Comedic moments with John Mayer and David Chapelle
01:33:13 – Late Night Comedy and the Comedy Cellar
01:38:09 – Life on the Road with Godfrey
01:43:25 – Bodega cats and whiskey

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