Ep 149: Russell Howard

In this episode:

Russell Howard has a new podcast “Wonderbox” and he’s here to tell us all about it. He also shares some great stories from his childhood with poop throwing friends, losing his virginity and a lot of great peeves. 

Check out Russell on his east coast US tour this fall, and stream his new podcast “Wonderbox” you will hear Mark on an upcoming episode!

Russell Howard: https://www.russell-howard.co.uk/
Mark Normand: https://marknormandcomedy.com/
Sam Morril: https://www.sammorril.com/

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00:00 Contrasting Durhams and a Peculiar Experience in North Carolina
01:52 Working with My Mom on a Travel Show
03:19 Stand Up Comedy in Different Countries
04:49 Exploring Cities and Crowd Behavior
05:40 The Smell and Humility of the Subway
06:09 Funny Stories of Public Masturbation and Mom’s Nonchalant Reactions
08:09 Marijuana, Life Insurance, and Confessions
10:58 Discussion on Diet Coke and Weird Genitalia
12:22 TV Show, British Series, Roman Empire and Dragons
15:15 Film Admiration and Wes Anderson’s Work
18:38 Bizarre Stories and Movie Talks
19:43 Cliches in Cop Movies and Age Differences in Relationships
21:16 Casual Conversation about a Past Encounter
22:00 Funny Anecdote: Y2K, Bourbon Street, and Pre-Internet Porn
23:36 Awkward Encounters
27:27 Scott’s Bizarre Behavior and His Transformation
29:29 Anecdote about a Angry Friend and Reflecting on Childhood Friends
30:21 Drinking Discussions and Apologies
34:01 Diego Maradona: A Soccer Legend’s Struggle with Addiction
39:41 Comedy and Authenticity
45:04 The Negativeness and Emptiness of the Universe
45:40 Weekend Plans, Comedy, and Monty Python
46:10 TV Show Nostalgia and Comedic Influence
49:40 Influential Stand-Up Comedians and Discussions
53:55 Rechargeable Battery and Fume: Convenient and Natural Products
56:01 Experiences in Broadway and Stand-up Comedy
59:51 Challenges and Growth in Comedy
1:01:38 The Frustration of Comedy Genre Limitations
1:03:45 Appreciating Comedic Styles and Dealing with Criticism
1:06:15 Ageism, TV Representation and Cultural Differences
1:07:46 The Future of TV and Cultural Commentary
1:13:04 Exploring Aspects of Television And Food Preferences
1:17:12 Reflections on Relationships and German Accent Jokes
1:21:08 Random Drops in NYC and Paranoid Thoughts
1:23:15 Breakfast and Food Preferences
1:24:08 Celebrity Comedians and their Fans
1:28:09 Humorous Stories and Adult Content
1:31:03 Hentai and Anime Porn Discussion
1:31:47 Weekly TV Complaints in the UK and Annoyances
1:33:45 Realistic Representation and The Insincerity of Support
1:36:04 Reflections on Childhood and Adulthood
1:38:10 Clothing and Personal Growth
1:40:22 A Conversation About Symbolism, Ignorance, and Upcoming Shows
1:43:45 Excitement for Upcoming Shows in Australia
1:46:12 Introducing Wonder Box: A Podcast about Things We Love

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